SPECS – President (1987)

Welcome AFEEC and FAPECA delegates to the 2018 Conference and HOST SPECS Golden Anniversary in this huge SMX Convention Center, with its Theme ‚ÄúELECTROTECHNICAL INDUSTRY IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF PHILIPPINE INFRASTRUCTURE” in conjunction with the Electrical Energy and Power Philippines 2018.

I am deeply thankful to the officers of SPECS for the chance they gave to me to bond with you on this special occasion of the AFEEC and FAPECA 2018 Conference; to the delegates of AKLI Indonesia, TEEAM Malaysia, SECA Singapore, TEMCA Thailand, and HOST SPECS Philippines, comprising AFEEC, and the delegates from HKECA Hongkong, KECA Korea, and TECA Taiwan all representing FAPECA, and last but not the least, the representatives of the Electrical Energy and Power Philippines 2018, an International Exhibition incorporating Green Philippines, Lighting and LED Technologies, Solar and Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and Supply.

I look forward to the success of this conference in achieving unity, growth and competitiveness of AFEEC and FAPECA team in the Electrical Engineering Construction Industry in the Asian and Pacific Region.

It is my great pleasure to meet with you on this auspicious event.
President (1987)

Rogelio Avenido