SPECS – Founder and President (1972-1979)

Warmest greetings to all!


When SPECS was founded 50 years ago, it was 1968 and the main concern back then was national electrification.


Today, around 90% of the country is electrified. For the remaining 10%, we are still challenged as these are geographically isolated rural areas and there are significant challenges with grid extension.


Now is the future and it is time that we embraced constant innovation, adapting to fit the environment we are in. Advancements in the electrical and energy industry have meant better and more eco-friendly solutions to the unique issues we face as an archipelagic country. It is now more than ever a fulfilling challenge to discover alternate ways of lighting up even the farthest-flung island.


It is timely that we are having the Electrical, Energy & Power Philippines 2018 not only for the business connections and sales that will be generated, but more importantly for the inspiration it provides to our fellow humans to invest more fully in alternative technologies. It is a sign that yes, it is possible to live a green life, and we can make the dream of a better world a reality!


I am very pleased to see the progress we have made and the milestones this organization has achieved over the past 50 years; may we have many more as we go forward into a sustainable future for ourselves and for our children.


Mabuhay ang SPECS! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


Engr. Francisco C. Gonzalez
Founder and Former President

Francisco Gonzalez