SPECS – Chairman

The Society of Philippine Electrotechnical Constructors and Suppliers, Inc. has been in service for the past 50 years. The goal of the company was to be a world-class electrical constructor organization and a vital partner in the development of the nation, and this is still the same vision we have now, continuing the growth and shaping the organization further into a better one.

50 years in service is no easy feat; difficulties were always present but our organization managed to stay on top of it and create a legacy along the way. This is why it is only right that for this wondrous year, alongside Global-Link Exhibition Specialists Inc., SPECS created another legacy: the Electrical, Energy & Power Philippines—the embodiment of all our visions and goals.

We have many exciting activities in store for all who wish to celebrate with us, such as:

The Electrical, Energy & Power Philippines expo – featuring the latest products and technologies in electric, energy, green, lighting, solar & power, and transmissions – will be a good source of solutions to the problems facing the Philippines.

The business matching sessions, where individuals and companies can find the perfect partner for a business relationship that will benefit not only both parties, but the country and the environment as well.

The Authorized Managing Officers Orientation Seminar is a great course for industry professionals who wish to acquaint themselves with the basics of the industry, not to mention a requirement in applying to get or renew one’s PCAB license.

The regional conference of the AFEEC and FAPECA organizations, where like-minded professionals come together in pursuit of green energy solutions and sustainable development, while strengthening professional and personal ties.

I enjoin everyone to take part in these activities and take advantage of what this show has to offer.

Wishing everyone a successful show.


Arturo P. Cenal

Arturo Cenal