SPECS – AFEEC FAPECA 2018 Conference Chair

Greetings to my fellow AFEEC and FAPECA delegates!


Welcome back to the Philippines! What an honor it is to once more host the AFEEC-FAPECA Conference in our country.


For many of you, the last time you visited the Philippines was when we last held the AFEEC-FAPECA Conference here in 2010. Since then, there have been a great many developments in the electrical and energy industry. Mentioning them in the annual country reports is not quite the same as seeing them firsthand.


I am proud to show you how much the electrotechnical industry has grown in these past few years – certainly by leaps and bounds. “ENERGY STORAGE SOLUTIONS” is certainly a fitting theme for this year’s conference as we are exploring more efficient ways to store energy for ease of use. Evolving energy requirements has led us to technological advancements that will no doubt benefit us all.


Thus, it is a pleasure to have everyone come together and have a dialogue and exchange of ideas about these issues that affect us all. It is undeniably a global concern to find sustainable and green solutions, because global warming spares no one.


I look forward to our fruitful discourse these next few days.


Carmelo Jimson B. Uranza
SPECS-AFEEC-FAPECA 2018 Conference Chair


Carmelo Jimson Uranza