Federation of Asian and Pacific Electrical Contractors Associations (FAPECA)

Dear All FAPECA & AFEEC Members,

I feel graceful for giving you a speech at this opening the 32th FAPECA conference in Philippines.

First of all, I would like to congratulate on SPECS’s commemorable 50th anniversary. It is leading the field of Philippines electrical construction to a speedy developing and I’m very impressed by SPECS who endeavors to follow the trends of new era. Moreover, I am very thankful to SPECS who devoted to prepare for this FAPECA conference.

It has been 32 years since we started to work for one aim of development of the electrical construction field all over the world. The FAPECA conference which is held again and again annually make me think it had a great function in developing our working field by giving us chance to co-work and unite.

If we cooperate as the members of FAPECA continuously as before, we can better manage the high added valued industry such as smart grid, energy storage and renewable energy that is considered projects confronted before4th Industrial Revolution.

I believe that this meeting also will be the best chance for our members to share their knowledge and insight with each other and find out the best ways to foster the development of our business.

I hope that all of the FAPECA members, who are scheduled to meet in Philippines, will have fruitful time. Lastly, I wish all of the members planning to join the meeting good health and fortune.

Federation of Asian and Pacific Electrical
Contractors Associations (FAPECA)

Ryu Jae Soon