Department of Energy

Warmest greetings to the members of the Asian Federation Electrical Engineering Contractors and Federation of Asian and Pacific Electrical Contractors Association (AFEEC FAPECA), all the exhibitors, guests and investors participating in this year’s conference.

Congratulations also to the organizers, the Society of Philippine Electrotechnical Contractors and Suppliers, Inc. (SPECS) for its 50th year and another job well done promoting camaraderie and venue for networking among ASEAN and Asia Pacific Electrotechnical Contractors through this annual event.

The Department of Energy (DOE) envisions a Philippine energy industry that is globally competitive in utilizing energy in order to create wealth and transform the lives of the Filipinos.

Energy Storage System (ESS) is already a proven technology across the globe with its wide range of application and support to the power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumer sectors.

In recognition of its invaluable role in ensuring power supply security and reliability, the DOE is currently developing a policy entitled “Adoption of Energy Storage System in the Electric Power Industry”, which primarily aims to adopt, encourage the entry, and integrate the ESS technology in the Philippine Power System.

The introduction of ESS, along with other new and emerging technologies, is embodied in the Power Sector Roadmap of the recently published 2016 – 2040 Power Development Plan. As envisaged by the DOE, the adoption of the ESS shall support the operation of the current power system, and serve as a key element in the successful transition of the electric power industry towards Smart Grid.

Following a holistic approach, the DOE conducted several focus group discussions and consultations with energy agencies, electric power industry participants, and stakeholders regarding the ESS policy prior to its promulgation which is targeted by the end of 2018. During these events, power industry players showed their strong support to the issuance of the said policy.

In light of this, the Philippine DOE looks forward to having future collaborations with the contractors and suppliers from our country and the neighboring regions in promoting energy innovations and bring forth a better life for all Filipinos.

Maraming salamat at mabuhay tayong lahat!


Mario C. Marasigan, CESO III
Director IV, Officer-in-Charge
Electrical Power Industry Management Bureau
Department of Energy

Mario Marasigan Department of Energy (DoE)